Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The weather here in Oklahoma is beautiful right now. I love Fall. It is my favorite season. It is even cold enough in the morning or late at night for a jacket. I wake up freezing. I am off today and hope to get some cleaning done and maybe get some scrapbooking in. I sent off Felica's mini album to Ireland yesterday. Hopefully it takes no longer than a week to get it. I hope she likes it. I will post pictures of it after she has recieved it. I am going to try in the next week or so to post some projects up. That is the reason I started this blog. Well I can't wait until
I get the name of my GGS Trade partner for next month. I had alot of fun doing it. Well I haven't ate yet so I think I will go and do that now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today there is a big arts and crafts show and yard sale not far away from where I live, but I don't get to go today because I have work. Maybe in the morning I will get to go. Yesterday I came home cooked then went and did some scrapbooking! I should have my GGS Trade Mini in the mail by Monday. It's super cute! Tonight we will probably stay home or go to town to do some grocery shopping. I should be getting ready for work. lol. I found a little store that just has a variety of things and they had alot of scrapbooking paper and it was all on clearance!!!! I got I think 37 12x12 pieces of paper and cardstock for $4.88! That was a great deal. Wish I could go back and get some more! She said that wasn't going to be carrying scrapbook supplies any more. They also had some of the cutest luggage I ever seen! I will have to go back and get me some. Well that is really all for now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been gone for the last 3 days and when I got home today and checked my mailbox a had a GREAT surprise! My GGS Trade Album was here. It came alot faster than I expected. Felica sent is Tuesday of last week. I couldn't wait to open it. But I had to unpack all my stuff first! : ( I opened the envelope and she had it wrapped in purple tissue paper and tied with some beautiful green ribbon. I love all of it! I was trying to decide what my favorite part about this mini is, but couldn't. This is my first mini I actually get to keep. Every mini I have made has been for someone else. I can't wait to fill it up. I have already decided to use all black and white photos for this album I think that will look nice with the colors. I LOVE IT FELICA!!!!! I will name some of my favorite things. I loved the silver flowers with blue pearl centers, the little envelopes ( now I want to make some), the key embillishment (What did you use on this?), the fibers and ribbons (espically the blue velvet on the tag) Also the paper and color combo. I have been really loving light blue lately! It is beautiful. I tried to make a small vid 3 times and my camera will not work correct so for now all I could do pictures. I will make a vid when I fix the problem with my camera. Thank you so much Felica for the mini. I love it and will always always keep it!!! I am so sorry I haven't got yours in the mail. I had a funeral today and one yesterday. That is why yours hasn't got sent yet. But it will soon! Promise. Well I am wore out and pretty hungry! lol. When we got home we went to take a one hour nap that turned in to 3! I have lots of laundry to do also! HERE IS MY GGS MINI FROM FELICA!!! IT IS SO CUTE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am fixing to get ready for work, but real quick wanted to post small blog today! The last few days I have just been busy with work, went to church, and working on my GGS Trade Mini Album. I like how it is forming. I found a way to use UTEE. I didn't have any embossing ink and my distress ink didn't hold on the powder. So with a paint brush I put Mod Podge where I wanted to emboss. And then put UTEE over the place I had spread the mod podge and it works. I will have to get a new kind of embossing ink for stamps though, because mod podge didn't work on my stamps! I also have just been playing around with new techniques using antique glaze and crackle paint. Well this is just a quick post and hopefully I will be able to post some more with pics of another mini I did about 3 months ago. It was my first mini ever and it showed. Oh well my sister who received it for her birthday seemed to like it, and that is what matters. Well I guess it is time to get dressed for work! : (

Monday, September 14, 2009

Got Some Scrapping Goddies In!!!

Today I got my package in from I ordered clear, white, and black UTEE. Also got the pink and green glue glider plus one refill. I got another Tim Holtz distress ink in brushed courdory but it was broke. I love love love Tim Holtz distress Ink's. I also got some tattered angels glimmer mist. I must say I was really excited to try this product out and it kind of let me down. It leaves a pretty finish but when I spray it it leaves big spots. I used it on about 8 small pages and you can tell a lot was used from the bottle. I love the glimmer part of it, but wasn't completely satisfied. Anyways I also got a 10 x 10 making memories mat. I have a small one now. So a bigger one should be nice. That was all from there. I am learning how to use the UTEE. Today is my first time embossing. I bought just a cheapy embossing ink pad and it does not work. The powder just slides off. I have worked on my GGS trade album today. It's coming along not as fast as I would like though. I just hope my trade partner likes it. I see all the other GGS girls mini's and my seems so plain in comparison. I have learned so much from theirs though. Well I am probably just babbling on and this is kind of turning out to be longer than meant to be. I am going to try and post some pics of a mini I am working on. We will see if I do it correct. lol. It is a my first paper bag album and I must say I love how it is turning out and I love all the pockets a paper bag album has. It has a variety of papers from paperstudio, my minds eye, 27th street, and more. Also I did stamping on each page. Added some buttons and bows. Distressed every page! I am not even close to being done with it though. Hope you like it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

GGS Trade Club

I am in the Girls Gone Scrappy Trade Club starting this month and I am so excited to make my mini album for Felica. Felica is my trade buddy this month. I have already started on the mini and it is so much fun. Felica e-mailed me today and she lives in Ireland. I thought that was so cool. I have never mailed anything out of the U.S.A so I hope when I send the mini it gets to her quick and with no problem. It is so late at night right now. We have been to town shopping and I got to go to Hobby Lobby! Which is the only store that carries scrapbooking supplies near where I live. I got some new stamps, tools, and etc. I also have some stuff I ordered off of that should be here Tuesday. They have free shipping and no taxes! It's a great deal. I am feeling a whole lot better the last 2 days. I went to work Friday and today. Well I had better get off to bed soon. : )

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At home not doing so well

Haven't posted in a few days so thought while I had down time I would. I had to take off work today because of a very painful spot that has come up on my leg. It makes it painful to walk and sit down. So I am trying to do as little as walking around as I can. Besides that yesterday was my dad's 50th birthday so my hubby and I drove down there to celebrate that with my family. We live an hour away from all of my family so it was good to get to go down there and spend the day with them and my adorable 2 nephews. My mini albums are coming along slowly but surely. I have 3 mini albums started at the moment. Last few days I have been working on my mini album from Marion at So far what little I have done I am pleased with. I have the cover finished I think. lol I have all the pages in the order I want them and I have started to fill the pages. I have never made a vintage album so this is fun. Well I guess that is all for right now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vintage Kit Arrived!!!

Yesterday I got my vintage kit from Marion at I was so excited I had to open it right away. It had some cute things in there. I got like 13 pieces of paper a chipboard album a few ribbons some prima flowers which are my favorite prima flowers. They are the ones with newspaper print and script. Very cute. And a couple of other goodies. I was so excited I started on it soon after I got it and usually it takes me a long time to design my cover but this just took minutes. The cover turned out really cute. Can't wait to finish the whole album. I don't know what i am going to use this album for yet but it would make a great one for a little girl or mom or grandma. Also I am working on a mini album of my nephew and another album that has a 7gypsies look to it. I love 7gypsies. Well I had better go I have to go to work soon. So I better finish getting ready.