Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been gone for the last 3 days and when I got home today and checked my mailbox a had a GREAT surprise! My GGS Trade Album was here. It came alot faster than I expected. Felica sent is Tuesday of last week. I couldn't wait to open it. But I had to unpack all my stuff first! : ( I opened the envelope and she had it wrapped in purple tissue paper and tied with some beautiful green ribbon. I love all of it! I was trying to decide what my favorite part about this mini is, but couldn't. This is my first mini I actually get to keep. Every mini I have made has been for someone else. I can't wait to fill it up. I have already decided to use all black and white photos for this album I think that will look nice with the colors. I LOVE IT FELICA!!!!! I will name some of my favorite things. I loved the silver flowers with blue pearl centers, the little envelopes ( now I want to make some), the key embillishment (What did you use on this?), the fibers and ribbons (espically the blue velvet on the tag) Also the paper and color combo. I have been really loving light blue lately! It is beautiful. I tried to make a small vid 3 times and my camera will not work correct so for now all I could do pictures. I will make a vid when I fix the problem with my camera. Thank you so much Felica for the mini. I love it and will always always keep it!!! I am so sorry I haven't got yours in the mail. I had a funeral today and one yesterday. That is why yours hasn't got sent yet. But it will soon! Promise. Well I am wore out and pretty hungry! lol. When we got home we went to take a one hour nap that turned in to 3! I have lots of laundry to do also! HERE IS MY GGS MINI FROM FELICA!!! IT IS SO CUTE!

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