Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am fixing to get ready for work, but real quick wanted to post small blog today! The last few days I have just been busy with work, went to church, and working on my GGS Trade Mini Album. I like how it is forming. I found a way to use UTEE. I didn't have any embossing ink and my distress ink didn't hold on the powder. So with a paint brush I put Mod Podge where I wanted to emboss. And then put UTEE over the place I had spread the mod podge and it works. I will have to get a new kind of embossing ink for stamps though, because mod podge didn't work on my stamps! I also have just been playing around with new techniques using antique glaze and crackle paint. Well this is just a quick post and hopefully I will be able to post some more with pics of another mini I did about 3 months ago. It was my first mini ever and it showed. Oh well my sister who received it for her birthday seemed to like it, and that is what matters. Well I guess it is time to get dressed for work! : (


  1. Hey,how are you?? i'm afraid to look at the video you posted in case thats my album! i'm so excited about it and i'll love it, i'm hoping that you will make a video of you opening the one i sent you - then i'll know if you really liked or were just saying so!
    Anyway,what is a UTEE? i've never heard of that, what does it do?
    Do you ever look at "life on the (scrap) beach?" i think its they have great discussions and videos there, i saw some really lovely ideas there today.
    Its 9pm here, time to relax,
    bye for now x

  2. I am doing pretty good. Don't worry it's safe to look at the vid. lol That's not your mini. That is my first paper bag album I made. No I will post yours after you recieve yours. Yes I will try and make a vid when I recieve yours. I can't wait!!!! UTEE is Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel by Ranger Industries. If you watch Marion's videos she uses it often on chipboard. It is so cool. You should check it out. Yes I believe I have been to life on the scrap beach. It is a good site. I have got some many ideas from others blogs and vids. How do you get different backgrounds on your blog? Well it is very late here so I will say goodnight!